Monday, July 12, 2010

As promised, I deleted my prior posts....

The "crazy lady" came into my chat and after having some fun, I pm'd her and asked her what her deal was. I won't post the whole convo, although I have it, but I will post the last part. I told her if she would walk away and leave me alone that I would delete my blog posts about her b/c she asked me to. Here is where she promises not to bother me anymore and where I tell her what will happen if she does.

If you read this Sharon, let it go. This is the last blog post I will make concerning you. I'm just putting out there our "agreement". Don't respond. Don't come on my page or in my chat. Walk away like you said you would. I hope you know by now that I mean what I say when I tell you, "you don't want this".

Have a great day!!