Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did she forget to take her medication? I think so...

So, I get a message the other night from someone who use to be my friend on facebook. I actually met her on myspace. I THOUGHT she was cool and when she shared with me that her husband cheated on her, I sympathized... I have been through that and I felt horrible for her. Here is the message I got:


Than after writing back and forth a few times she blocked me and then unblocked me and gave me the link to the person who she said told her I was talking about her. However she also told someone else that I messaged her myself saying those things. Then, she told me ((but didn't know it was me)) that I had my friends message her and call her a whore and military slut. I have never ever said that about her.

Than her friend "david kirk" messages me and than harasses my fan page and than deletes his account b/c "erica told him to"... bullshit... before "david kirk" deleted his name, he changed it to "jamie mean"... coincidence that erica kept calling me mean? I think "david kirk" is erica.

And now this morning I get a link to her profile "let's vent" where she is saying that I gave her number out for people to harass her last night. Are you fucking kidding me? I never gave out that bitches number... I dont know her fucking number!! So unless she has proof, which I know she can't have, she needs to stop saying shit that isn't true.

Here are the rest of my screenshots to PROVE everything I have said:







So, for the last time, I did not call you names and I did not give your number out. Get your story straight and get your fucking head checked.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once upon a time....

...there was a girl with a dream... a dream to rule the world....she decided to start with facebook.....this girl made a facebook page, probably to take up time while her BOYFRIEND was deployed.....her problems began last year on "military SPOUSE appreciation day"... on her page, women were getting upset b/c they felt the wives were acting like they were better b/c they had their own "day"... so this girl started banning the wives who she felt were being meanies... she banned one girl imparticular, who went onto the page after others in her group stated they were annoyed for being banned when they didn't do anything... so this other girl, i'll call her "hooah", went on there and explained why she felt spouses deserved their own "day"... the girl, who'll i'll now refer to as "bitch", agreed with "hooah", but later deleted her for unknown reasons... most likely b/c girls who didn't like "bitch" were complaining about her on "hooah"'s page...

..closer to present day... "hooah" had made another page after deleting her first one and "bitch" joined it... she was trying to be bossy and telling "hooah" how to run her page ("bitch" does this on another page too - CAW)... "hooah" still let "bitch" post anyway, even though "bitch" had banned "hooah' from her page... so "hooah" ended up making another profile specifically for her page and thought "bitch" wouldn't mind if she joined her page and talked on it since "bitch" was on "hooah"'s page... man was she wrong... "bitch" assumed that "hooah" made another page for the sole purpose of posting on her page, which wasn't the case... so, "bitch" banned "hooah" and than "hooah" decided that if she couldn't post on "bitch"'s page, she would ban "bitch" from the page she ran...and all was good for a while..

but "bitch" could feel her power slipping, people weren't following her as she had liked... so she made a forum and pushed her forum on her members with all might... choking them with it...

"bitch" would go and start drama and then run.... acting like she had done nothing... "bitch" spread rumors about "hooah" and even harassed "hooah"'s page members!!

than, "hooah" banned someone who made her own page.. this person talked so much shit on "bitch" that "hooah" thought it was hilarious that "bitch" was advertising this girls page... but than it was brought to "hooah"'s attention that "bitch" was only doing this b/c she wants to help this girls page destroy "hooah"'s page... and "bitch" had assigned someone to send this girls husband packages in the "adopt a soldier" thing she was apart of, and this girl hates the idea of anyone sending her husband anything...

all this time, "bitch" tries to act classy and undramafied, but she is far from it... she joined "hooah"'s page under a mod profile trying to be slick, but she was caught... than she went on a page specifically for drama and contributed to it!!... yeah, she hates drama alright...

so...."bitch"'s plan to rule the world starting with facebook are being foiled and she is cracking!! please, for the love of all that is holy, DON'T DRINK THE KOOLAID!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

As promised, I deleted my prior posts....

The "crazy lady" came into my chat and after having some fun, I pm'd her and asked her what her deal was. I won't post the whole convo, although I have it, but I will post the last part. I told her if she would walk away and leave me alone that I would delete my blog posts about her b/c she asked me to. Here is where she promises not to bother me anymore and where I tell her what will happen if she does.

If you read this Sharon, let it go. This is the last blog post I will make concerning you. I'm just putting out there our "agreement". Don't respond. Don't come on my page or in my chat. Walk away like you said you would. I hope you know by now that I mean what I say when I tell you, "you don't want this".

Have a great day!!